Lycan (Unity3D, C#)

Software Developer

Lycan is a game developed in Unity3D, where each team must convert enemy players to their side. Teams consist of Lycans and humans and one side is dominate over depending on the day/night cycle.  

  • Human AI places traps when running away
  • AI runs away from near by enemies using nodes to figures out what direction to go according to the level's navmesh
  • AI knows when to hide and when to run away during their weak cycle
Available to download HERE

House of Cards Powers and Money / Welcome to Washington(Unity3D, C#)

Software Developer

An exciting video slots game featuring the House of Cards license. Featuring a Wild, Free Spins, Wheel Spin bonuses. Plus multi-linked machine attracts

  • Created unique Wild Bonus for each version
  • Added a high paying Free Spins Bonus
  • Implemented History and Utility features

GTech (ActionScript 3, Starling Framework)

Software Developer

Develop two lottery games that will work on GTech’s game hub. Each game having specific specifications.

  • Created fun and simple mini games for the main game
  • Added transitions between scenes
  • Implemented sounds through the game to give the player feedback

3D Renderer (C++, OpenGL, QT)


Software Developer

Renders 3D objects using OpenGL          Ability to use multiple vertex/frag shaders                                        Build all features from scratch:

  • Shadows
  • Ambient, Diffuse, and Specular lights
  • Multiple textures on single object
  • Cube Map
  • Vertex Displacement
  • Noise Textures
  • Developed a 2D Physics engine that incorporates kinematics
  • Developed debug tools like debug menus, profiler, logger, a debug camera

Audio Blast (Unity3D, C#)


Software Developer

A music based 3D ship shooter. The enemies patterns are based on the audio that is being played. Users can choose an audio file from their music collection and turns that into a uniquely made level.

  • Created an audio analyzer that was able to actually detect the frequency, pitch, and wave length of an audio file using Fast Fourier Transform algorithms.
  • Designed the game to use audio analyzer's information to influence how the game plays and look
  • Dynamically changing levels that is changed by the music that is being played

Tank Game (XNA, C#)


Software Developer

2D multiplayer game where each player controls a tank. Tanks take turns firing each other until one tank runs out of health. Tank have multiple weapons to choose from and are able to pick up power-ups. The team size for Tank Game was five. 

  • Implemented a game-loop, so the game knows what state the game is in and what to do during those states.
  • Incorporated unique power-ups that tanks are able to pick up. The power-ups are randomly placed at certain parts of the level to help aid the user

Bomb Diggity (AcationScript 3, Starling Framework)


Software Developer

A Flash games that was build in 5 weeks with a team of three. Players use bombs to destroy the visible dirt which reveals more of the level. The goal of the games is to reach the bottom of the level. Once you reach the bottom, the game will transition to the next level where there are more materials that effect the gameplay.

  • Designed and implemented the structure of the materials squares used in the game by inheriting from a base material class
  • Added particle effects to help the player figure out where there might be gold hidden